Our Training Services

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Group Classes

Group classes are our most popular option for training and effectively provide your dog quality socialization time with other dogs. When in groups, dogs will take queues from their peers and learn more effectively.

Our classes work on improving behaviours such as walking with a leash, coming when called, and staying calm around other dogs. We utilize distraction training and place command.

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As dog care professionals, boarding at AE Balanced Dog Training is a premium experience for your dog, where they will be free to socialize with our highly trained dogs, go out on group walks, and receive constant attention from our in house trainers.We can provide boarding for your dog when you are away. 

Contact us to find out more about our boarding options.

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Board and Train

Our board and train program is split into two parts. First, your dog comes and stays with us to learn basic and advanced commands. By staying with us, we will get to learn all about your dogs traits and habits and will pinpoint important areas of improvement.

After training your dog, we will teach you how to manage your dog at home using the commands it was taught.

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Private Training

Our private training classes are typically focused on working on specific issues or concerns you have with your companion. This can be everything from leash and off leash training to aggression rehabilitation. 

We also specialize in teaching dogs new skills, such as scent tracking, fetching, advanced placement commands, and silent or gestured commands.

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